About FamilyPetExpert

Hello, my name is Daniel. I am the operator of FamilyPetExpert.com. With this project, I want to offer useful information to all pet owners and people who are interested in pets.

Growing up in a household of bird breeders and dog owners, I became interested in pets at an early age. I kept my first pet of my own when I was in elementary school. It was a white mouse that I had secretly bought with a friend after school.

Through many pet owners in my relatives, I learned a lot about pets. Whether it was the cats at my aunt’s or the snakes at my cousin’s, I always found all animals interesting and lovable.

In my opinion, being a pet owner gives you a great responsibility. It is not that the animal would have chosen to live with the owner, but the owner usually chooses the animal that he wants to let live with him. Or even the animals, some animals you are not allowed to keep alone.

This responsibility is mainly to give the animal the best possible life. This includes not only offering the animal the right environment, as appropriate as possible for the species, but also informing yourself about the characteristics, needs, likes, and dislikes of the animals. By the way, you should do this even before you put your desire to keep a pet into practice.

There is so much to learn and know in order to provide a pet with a nice, comfortable, and species-appropriate life. Not only are housing and food and drink important, but health considerations play a big role as well. One should know the main health problems that the desired pet may have, how to recognize them and how to treat them.

And one should know the character of the animal. There are simply types of animals that suit a certain person better than others. And to be able to offer a good life to an animal, pet and owner must fit each other.

With FamilyPetExpert.com I would like to contribute my small part to the fact that pet and owner harmonize as well as possible.