Are Havanese Affectionate Dogs? (4 Ways They Show Affection)

Havanese is a rather small, but very cute dog breed with his long, silky coat. His small size makes him an ideal companion inside apartments. Many people believe that Havanese dogs are only there to cuddle. But they have many more qualities. And do Havanese even like to cuddle? Are Havanese affectionate dogs?

Havanese are one of the most affectionate dog breeds! They are very people-oriented and have lively personalities. They have a cute and open temperament so that they can easily become very close to everyone they meet. A Havanese is like a ball of energy and affection when it comes to people and they really want to get anyone’s affection.

Havanese are very affectionate dogs. They have been used as companion dogs for thousands of years and have the personality for it.

Let’s take a closer look at why Havanese are so affectionate and how they behave towards their owner and other people. We will also show how a Havanese’s affectionate behavior manifests itself.

Are Havanese Affectionate Dogs?

As a very affectionate dog, a Havanese requires a lot of attention and may not like to be left alone for hours. But at the same time, they are a very intelligent dog breed. They can adapt to their environment easily and are quick learners.

You can tell right away that they are affectionate as they usually don’t show signs of aggressiveness. Havanese are rather easy to approach. And their cute faces are so irresistible that nobody can resist petting them!

They are very good companion dogs that like to be cuddled, touched, and held. They really like a lot of attention and they can never get enough of it! Their companionship can help ease loneliness, can keep you calm when you’re stressed, and can substantially boost your mood and ease depression.

But aside from how they look, they are also good watchdogs as they are very responsive to their environment. They are on the lookout for any signs of suspicion and they are very alert to tell their owners what is happening around them.

Havanese are the kind of dog that would like to stick with you as much as possible. Your Havanese will teach you love and affection as well as kindness.

Are Havanese Affectionate With Other People?

As we learned, Havanese are very affectionate dogs. But this is not limited to their owners only. Havanese can easily become friends with other people, too. They always like to be around people as they are very sociable.

Havanese will easily adapt to become friendly with other family members or friends that you introduce them to. Making them socialize with other people and even other pets is rather easy with them.

They are very good companion dogs and they can strongly bond with you. But they can still be affectionate also with other people around you. They will also be patient with children as long as they don’t play rough and are not forcing them to play when they don’t want to.

Havanese are intelligent, affectionate, trusting, and playful dogs. And they are quite quick to learn tricks! They are good family dogs and watchdogs, as they are very responsive and fearless.

However, they can be uncomfortable with wild and noisy children. But they will eventually adjust to that situation or simply stay away from it.

Havanese are generally cuddly, affectionate, and trusting. That’s why bonding with them is so easy.

How Do Havanese Show Affection?

Havanese can’t speak, of course. But they will clearly show their affection through body language. Watch out for signals such as:

The Havanese Facial Expression

Havanese have a very strong facial expression that makes it easy for them to show their affection. Watch out for their wiggling eyebrows, widely opened eyes, perked ears, and a wide-toothy smile.

Their overall expression looks attentive but relaxed and calm. They will gaze at you to show their affection like they can’t take their eyes off you.

Gazing with you will release the hormone oxytocin which is known as a feel-good chemical. That enables you to gaze with your Havanese for hours and that bond never ends, and it makes you want to spend more time with your Havanese.

Havanese Like Physical Contact

Your Havanese might surprisingly lean against you while you are watching Netflix. He will climb up the sofa and plant himself comfortably against your thigh. This will surely make you want to snuggle them and feel the warmth of their company. They do this to show affection and security around you.

Also, sleeping in your bed is another sign of showing affection. They will want to make you feel relaxed and their safest area is by your side. Dogs adopted their behavior from dog packs in the wild.

They allow themselves to share body warmth through physical contact. It ensures a sense of belongingness to you not just as an owner but as a companion and a friend.

Havanese Will Yawn With You

Yawning in humans commonly means fatigue or boredom. But with dogs, yawning is also a sign of empathy. It is a sign that shows the emotional connection with you.

Research shows that if dogs are yawning with humans, it could be a sign of their affection. Researchers are not sure yet why animals contagiously yawn with humans. Strong evidence through experiments indicates that the reason behind this behavior is an emotional connection.

If you feel sleepy next time and you are about to yawn, see if your Havanese yawns along with you. You can interpret it as a sign of attentiveness and affection. Your Havanese habit of contagious yawning tells you that he feels deeply connected and safe with you.

Havanese Want To Cuddle

Havanese dogs are small and can easily feel cold. That is one reason why they want to cuddle. They need physical contact for warmth.

But when Havanese want to relax and get some sleep, they also feel comfortable with cuddles. Havanese want to feel safe and secure, but sometimes they are just timid. So they want to have the reassurance of your protection.

But never force your Havanese to cuddle with you or be more affectionate if they are not comfortable with it. Generally speaking, they will want to cuddle with you a lot of time. Just read the signs of affection from their faces and actions.

Final Thoughts

Havanese are very affectionate dogs. They are known for their close bond with their owners.

But they are not only affectionate towards their owners. They also find it easy to bond with other family members and other pets.

They even get along well with strangers. If you have friends visiting, your Havanese will be friendly towards them.

Although it may happen that your Havanese will bark at strangers at first if he has not been trained properly yet. But this is because Havanese are also good and alert watchdogs.

Basically, Havanese are really affectionate and friendly dogs. They will also want to cuddle with you a lot. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun with your Havanese.