Are Havanese Dogs Good For First-Time Owners? (4 Pros and Cons)

A Havanese can melt the heart of any animal lover. With their small body and cute face, what’s not to love about them? In any case, much-loved Havanese dogs are definitely no farm dogs. Most dog lovers may wonder if this compact-size dog breed will suffer health problems. Or if you need to be a Havanese person to get along. Are Havanese dogs good for first-time owners?

Yes, Havanese are great dogs for first-time owners. This fearless dog breed is very suitable for first-time owners. But the owner still needs to watch out for the dog’s behavior. Mainly because if a Havanese gets too fat, the chances of triggering genetic disorders will increase. On top of that, Havanese dogs have a fairly good life expectancy. So, they are best suitable for organized and patient people.

Let’s talk in more detail about what matters when choosing the right breed of dog. We will also discuss what you need to consider and get as a first-time owner of a Havanese.

Finally, we will provide you with 4 benefits and 4 cons of Havanese that will surely interest you as a first-time owner.

How To Choose Your First Dog?

Some first-time owners decide on getting a specific dog breed. But they should realize that not every breed will work for them. Generally speaking, going for the looks does not pay off.

In fact, that is often where the problem begins. Instead, paying attention to the dog’s personality and attitude will result in a better match.

Even when it comes to the Havanese dog breed, you still need to train your dog. And how you train your dog will impact how well you connect with it. Here is an article about finding and choosing the right dog trainer.

The most natural way of connecting with a dog is using play and praise. So, you need to consider how much space and time you have to bond with your dog.

Breeders do not employ a selection process to find the right people for their puppies. It is up to you to do enough research to educate yourself on a particular breed. In the case of Havanese dogs, this article will inform you of everything you need to do to make a sensible choice.

What Do You Need For Your First Havanese Dog?

One of the first things you need to bond with a Havanese dog is toys. In brief, Havanese dogs are intelligent, playful, and sweet. So, playing with them will ensure they are devoted to you.

Because of their lively temperament, Havanese dogs love learning new tricks. This will facilitate the bonding process as long as you do not rely too much on treats and tools. In other words, you need to spend many hours with them to maintain the connection alive.

Unlike large dogs, Havanese do not need a garden or a backyard. If you play with them regularly, they will get plenty of exercise. As one of the most resilient toy breeds, it is well suited for one-room apartments or condo living as well.

A happy Havanese will gladly share your room and enjoy any outdoor activity. Plus, this sociable breed will greet people or other animals as a friend. Even though it will alert you if it hears unfamiliar noises outside your apartment.

The straight, sleek hair that cascades out of its body call for routine grooming. Otherwise, your Havanese will turn into a turtle shell dog. The hair on the back also tends to become matted.

As a result, if the dog gets wet, it will start to shiver when cold. Which could then lead to a high fever. On the front, excessive hair growth will blind the poor Havanese.

Also, the dog will hold in more heat during the warmer seasons. Without a grooming schedule, it will be unable to scratch fleas, let alone prevent bacteria and fungus from living underneath its coat.

4 Benefits Of Having A Havanese Dog

  • For one thing, first-time owners will appreciate that Havanese dogs do not shed much. You can pet them all day long, and they will not shed. This means that your Havanese may not trigger asthma attacks or allergic reactions in sensitive people. Of course, most allergic individuals should try meeting a Havanese before committing to owning one.
  • Havanese dogs are small. So, you can take them on bike rides, which they usually love. You can also fit more than one in a bike trailer. Something about feeling the wind in their face must make them happy every time. But consider buying dog goggles and a little scarf if you plan to put the dog in the bike basket. Small dogs also live longer than large dogs.
  • By nature, Havanese make great companions. Your Havanese will go everywhere you go. Plus, it will try to sit in your arms because it also likes to snuggle.
  • Even when it grows up, your Havanese will still look like a puppy. This adorable feature is one of the reasons why this breed became so popular in the last centuries. All in all, they look babyish and content all the time.

4 Cons Of Having A Havanese Dog

  • When it comes to Havanese dogs’ hair, they are pretty high maintenance. Most Havanese owners keep their pet’s hair one inch (or less) in length. On average, this means that you will have to get the hair cut every six to eight weeks or so. In terms of money, expenses may be between 30 and 40 dollars per cut, depending on where you live. Of course, leaving the fur grow to compete in dog shows will require even more grooming and money.
  • Because these dogs are natural watchdogs, some people may not like the barking that comes with this tendency. Be aware that the dog will alert you every time somebody visits you or approaches your apartment door. But it is possible to get them out of the habit of barking through training.
  • Havanese are usually healthy, but their teeth tend to go bad before anything else. So, you will need to watch out for the dog’s diet. For example, giving the dog hard food or a dental bone once in a while may be a good idea to keep the teeth healthy. Your vet will share more information after the first visit.
  • Like many other dogs, Havanese love to dig. You might find your dog digging on the sofa, scratching away the fashionable couch you bought after months of savings. So, keep in mind that you might have to cover your furniture. Also, placing your most precious belongings in a safe, hidden place is highly recommendable.

Final Thoughts

Havanese are the ideal dogs for first-time dog owners. They have the right personality to make your life as a dog owner easy and handle many situations very well.

However, Havanese require extra care due to their beautiful coat. You will love your sweet little Havanese, though, and hopefully, it won’t be hard for you to give him that care.