Are Maltese Dogs Good With Kids? (Plus 3 Tipps To Make It Work)

Getting a dog for your family with kids is a huge decision. Though dogs teach children valuable lessons like responsibility, trust, compassion, patience, and respect, it can be overwhelming for you to select the right breed. One of the breeds that is popular with families that have kids is the Maltese. But an important question to ask yourself before getting a Maltese is: Are Maltese really good with kids?

If there is a breed of dog known to get along with kids, it is the Maltese. This dog is known to be playful and affectionate around children. But age and the personality of both your kids and the Maltese you are thinking of taking home will determine the relationship that they will have.

So you need to consider your kid’s personality before you bring this pet home. You also need to research the temperament of your beautiful white-coated Maltese.

Besides, you need to be careful when introducing the dog to your kids. If you have very young children, do not leave them with the pet until they become comfortable being around each other. If you do not supervise their interactions, chances are that your kids will injure the Maltese or vice-versa.

Can Maltese Be Jealous Of Kids?

Maltese is the kind of dog that thrives in places where they get love and attention. Though Maltese are generally good with children and other animals, in some cases, if you bond too much with your kids and do not give the dog the attention that it needs, it is likely to be jealous.

It is hard to imagine a cute Maltese being jealous, but a Maltese with envious behavior towards children or little ones is unhealthy and harmful. That is why you need to learn the signs of Maltese jealousy.

  • Taking Up Your Space

A sign that you have a jealous dog is when he starts laying around you or jumping when you are around your kids.

  • Hostility

If the Maltese in your home is jealous of your kids, they will hiss, nibble, and growl at them.

  • Withdrawal

When Maltese are jealous, they could withdraw and leave the space for you and your kids.

If you notice any or all of these signs with your Maltese, your dog might be jealous of your kids. Fortunately, you can train your dog so that they become good with your kids.

How To Train Your Maltese To Get Along With Your Kids?

It can be frustrating to take your pet home and find that it does not get along with your kids. It is more frustrating if the pet is a Maltese, one of the breeds known to be good with kids.

Of course, when you take the Maltese home, the expectation is that it will get along with your kids. If that is not the case, we have some valuable tips to train the dog on how to get along with your children.

Respect The Emotions Of The Maltese

One of the reasons that the Maltese might not be getting along with your kids is that they are not respecting his emotions. Do not force the dog to play or have fun with your kids. Give the dog time to adjust, and within no time, they will be getting along.

However, that does not mean that you should ignore your dog’s emotions when the Maltese withdraws and only play with the kids because he has to. Instead, try to find a balance between your children and the dog.

Use Rewards And Treats

The other way you can improve the relationship that Maltese has with your kids is by using enforcement and rewards when the dog gets along with your kids.

The dog will enjoy the appreciation, which will motivate the dog to get along with your kids and help reduce jealous emotions.

If your kids are old enough, you can even let them give your Maltese a treat every now and then. This will also ensure that your Maltese develops good feelings towards your children.

Establish Rules

The other vital point for you to do is to develop ground rules for your kids and the Maltese. Rules are important, and they help in building a healthy relationship.

For example, you need to ensure that your Maltese does not eat from the kid’s plate or vice-versa. That way, the dog will learn to respect your kids and not see them as equal.

What Makes Maltese The Best Breed For Kids?

We have mentioned before that Maltese are the best dogs for families with children. But why is that? What characteristics make Maltese the perfect family dogs that they are?

Maltese Are Affectionate

Maltese dogs are considered to be affectionate. They are adorable creatures that you will ever come across. They are also a delightful companion, and they love to play with babies.

Maltese Are Brave

If you judge Maltese by their size, you will likely assume that they are timid, but that is not the case. On the contrary, these breeds of dogs are brave, and they will protect your kids in all possible ways.

For example, in case you have an intruder, the Maltese will bark to alert you. It is no wonder they are known as natural babysitters.

Maltese Are Good At Reading Emotions

One of the best gifts that Maltese dogs were given is the ability to read and interpret emotions. So they will know when your kids are happy and when they are sad.

If your kids are sad, the Maltese dog will cuddle with them until the sadness washes away.

Maltese Do Not Shed Much

Another benefit of having a Maltese dog is that they rarely shed. So, even if your kids are sensitive and have allergies, you will not have to worry much about them acting up around the dog.

You should still think about whether a dog is a good pet for you if your children have allergies. There are no completely hypoallergenic dogs.

Maltese Have A High Energy Level

Just like your kids, a Maltese has a high energy level. Thus, they can keep up with the games and activities of your kids without getting tired.

It does not matter if you are taking a walk or doing other activities. Your Maltese will be by your side, keeping you company.

Maltese Are Friendly Animals

Maltese are considered to be among the most lovable dogs in the world. They enjoy being around humans and will get along with your kids. They are delightful; also entertainers and they will play and keep your kids busy for a long time. So you can be sure that your kids will have a great time playing with this pet.

Final Thoughts

Maltese are one of the best dog breeds for families with children. Due to their friendly and playful nature, they get along very well with children.

Of course, it is important that you establish rules for both your Maltese and your children. You should also generally train your Maltese. Then both should get along very well.