Can Gerbils Eat Bananas?

We all want to offer our gerbils a wide range of highly nutritious foods. Gerbils can eat some of the same vitamin and nutrient-rich foods humans eat, such as bananas.

Gerbils can eat bananas and even green, unripe bananas and black, overripe bananas. However, they are high in carbohydrates and low in protein and fat. The minerals contained in bananas include magnesium, copper, and manganese. Magnesium is essential for brain health and helps prevent seizures in gerbils. However, it would be best to only give bananas in small amounts and as an occasional snack.

There are no health risks involved with eating bananas, apart from diarrhea. However, this is only a danger if your gerbils overeat fruit. Bananas are, therefore, considered a safe snack for gerbils.

Can Gerbils Eat Bananas?

Many people assume that gerbils only eat fruit and vegetables, but this is not true.

Gerbils need a varied diet. This includes lots of cereals, dried seeds, nuts, and flakes. Only a tiny percentage of a gerbil’s diet should consist of fruit and vegetables.

In the wild, gerbils do not live where bananas are grown. Bananas are grown in tropical areas such as Central America, South America, and Africa.

Gerbils, however, live in a warm but dry place, the Mongolian steppe. This region is like a desert but with lots of grass.

This means that wild gerbils do not eat bananas. But that doesn’t stop the gerbils, which live as pets, from eating things like cucumbers, which don’t grow there either.

The fact that gerbils do not eat a particular food in the wild does not necessarily mean that it is unhealthy.

This applies to a large part of the gerbils’ diet. Sunflower seeds, for example, are not found in their natural environment. But gerbils love them. So you can also give your gerbils bananas.

Do Gerbils Like Bananas?

Gerbils like to eat new things. As their primary food, gerbils get their food mix every day.

This mixture is the same every day. It does offer a little variety, but your gerbils will quickly get used to it.

However, this does not mean they will not enjoy their gerbil food mix. However, if you offer your animals something new occasionally, they will be happy to try it. This applies to bananas as well as other fruits and vegetables.

However, it is also possible that your gerbils do not like bananas. Every gerbil has different preferences.

Can Gerbils Eat Green Bananas?

Green bananas are bananas that are not yet fully ripe. They have a sharper taste than ripe yellow bananas.

However, unripe bananas have no adverse effects on health if eaten in moderation.

So you can also feed green bananas to gerbils, but not all of them like the taste.

Can Gerbils Eat Black Bananas?

When a banana is overripe, it turns black. Any damage to the banana accelerates this process, which is why it gets black spots when you drop it.

Overripe bananas taste similar to ripe bananas. They are slightly softer and smell stronger, but they are still good. You can also feed black bananas to your gerbils.

Can Gerbils Eat Banana Chips?

Banana chips are like standard chips, except they are made from bananas. They have a different texture than regular bananas because they are fried in oil and have a deep golden color.

To start with the positives, banana chips are crunchy. Gerbils like crunchy foods because they are good for their teeth.

However, banana chips are nutritionally inadequate. They are more reminiscent of sweets or potato chips than healthy fruits and vegetables.

The main problem is that they are deep-fried in oil. While bananas are healthy in themselves, banana chips are not. They are full of fat due to the way they are prepared.

This is a particular problem for gerbils as they do not naturally need a lot of fat in their diet.

In the region where they live, there is not much fatty food for them, so they are very efficient at conserving fat. If they overeat it, they quickly become overweight.

Also, banana chips are usually flavored and seasoned in some way.

They may be coated with honey or sugar to give them a sweet taste. Or they may be sprinkled with salt and spices for a savory flavor.

Can Gerbils Eat Dried Bananas?

Dried bananas are easily confused with banana chips. This is because people simply assume that banana chips have been dried when, in fact, they have been deep-fried.

Dried bananas are small, dark brown, and wrinkled.

Their texture can be either chewy or hard or both. This makes them a good food for your gerbils to chew on.

Nutritionally, they are roughly equivalent to ordinary bananas. This is because, unlike banana chips, they have not been deep-fried or mixed with other substances.

You can also use baked bananas. These look like banana chips but are wrinklier and drier.

Depending on how long they have been in the oven and at what temperature they were baked, they can also be crispy. You can also feed these to your gerbils.

Can Gerbils Eat Banana Bread?

Banana bread is a type of simple bread made from flour, water, baking powder, and bananas. The resulting dough rises quickly when baked and forms a firm, dense loaf.

It tastes strongly of bananas and can be pretty chewy and rubbery.

Gerbils can eat banana bread just like regular bread. They eat it, but it’s not good for them.

The carbohydrate-rich flour is not much better than added sugar, so the bread contains so many calories.

That in itself is not a problem. As small animals, gerbils need nutrient-rich food. But they won’t get much fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals if they stuff themselves with bread.

It is, therefore, better to give your gerbils bananas rather than banana bread. However, if you have some leftover banana bread, you can give it to your gerbils as a small snack.

Can Gerbils Eat Banana Peel?

Many people don’t like banana peels because they are not appetizing. They are pithy and fibrous on the inside and tough on the outside. You may also be concerned that the outside is dirty or contains pesticides.

However, you can feed banana peels to gerbils, although there is no guarantee that they will eat them.

The rumor that banana peels are poisonous is not valid. You would not get sick from eating the peel of a banana, nor will your gerbils.

But your gerbils may not want to eat the peel. The taste is not pleasant, and the texture is unusual.

However, your gerbils could use it as a chew toy, which would make perfect sense.

Are Bananas Safe for Gerbils?

Bananas are entirely safe for gerbils. They are not poisonous. There is a myth that they can cause potassium poisoning if you eat too many, but this is not true.

Bananas are safe for gerbils as long as you feed them to your gerbils in small quantities as a snack.

Do Bananas Cause Side Effects?

Bananas pose no danger to gerbils if they are fed in moderation. As a snack, they do not cause any significant side effects.

The main risk is diarrhea. If an animal overeats fruit or vegetables, the ingested water content of these foods can lead to soft stools. This can cause problems in two different ways:

  • If it occurs regularly, the gerbil is not getting the full nutritional content of the food it is eating.
  • Diarrhea will make the bedding dirty if it is not cleaned immediately.

The former is unlikely to affect your pet. This would only be a problem if your gerbils had diarrhea every day.

However, the second point is essential. Diarrhea in your gerbils’ cage causes infections, spreads parasites, and stinks.

To avoid this problem, only feed your gerbils a small piece of banana as a snack. Wait for the reaction, and if your animals do not get stomach problems, there is no problem.

You can also give your gerbils dried bananas to avoid this problem.

Health Benefits of Bananas for Gerbils

Bananas are widely regarded as a healthy snack. They are high in calories compared to other fruits but also contain fiber and some minerals.

By weight, bananas consist mainly of water. This is the case with most types of fruit and vegetables.

This is good for gerbils because they are used to getting their water from their food. In the wild, this is how they get most of their water.


There are three primary nutrients that a gerbil needs: carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Gerbils, like humans, need a balance of these nutrients.

The majority of a gerbil’s diet should consist of carbohydrates and fiber.

15-20% of their diet should be protein while they are growing. But when they are adults, they can eat less protein.

5-10% of the total diet from fat is a good guideline for gerbils.

Bananas are unsuitable as the main component of a gerbil’s diet as they do not meet these criteria.

Bananas have a lot of carbohydrates but not enough protein or fat. They contain enough fiber for a gerbil, but protein and fat are more critical.

This does not mean that bananas are unsuitable as a snack. Occasionally, you can feed them to gerbils without hesitation.

They will not significantly affect the weight or health of your animals.

Vitamins and Minerals

Bananas are high in potassium, but they also contain magnesium, copper, and manganese.

Magnesium is vital for gerbils. It is essential for brain health and prevents seizures in gerbils.

However, bananas do not contain many nutrients that gerbils need.

Bananas do contain some vitamins, namely vitamin B6 and a small amount of vitamin C. But none of these vitamins have been proven to be essential for gerbils.

Many types of fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamin A. However, bananas are not one of them. They do not lead to a higher vitamin A content in gerbils.

How Much Banana Should You Feed Your Gerbils?

There is no health reason to feed bananas to a gerbil. It doesn’t give the gerbil anything essential that it couldn’t get elsewhere. Other food sources are more nutritious.

However, this does not mean that you cannot give your gerbils bananas as a snack — gerbils like the taste of fruit and also the water content. The banana is an excellent, tasty snack between meals.

Feel free to include bananas in your pet’s weekly diet. If you feed bananas to your gerbils, most of their food should consist of a mixture.

However, you can also add bananas and other fruits and vegetables. However, remember not to overdo it and only feed bananas occasionally.