How High Can Maltipoos Jump? (How to Avoid It)

Maltipoos are relatively small dogs and are rather considered lap dogs. Surely they do not belong to the dog breeds that can jump a lot and high, right? How high can Maltipoos jump?

Although Maltipoos are so small, they can jump. However, not every Maltipoo likes to jump. And also the height they can jump is very different. Some Maltipoos can jump only 2 ft high, while others can jump up to 4 ft high. It all depends on your Maltipoo and his physical condition. However, jumping is not healthy for Maltipoos, so you should stop it if possible.

Maltipoos sometimes have a mind of their own. Accordingly, they are also sometimes very different. While some Maltipoo love to jump on your couch or in your arms, you will almost never see other Maltipoo dogs jumping.

Let’s take a closer look at whether Maltipoos jump and how high they can jump at maximum. We’ll also discuss why Maltipoos jump in the first place, and whether they are afraid of height. And we will tell you if jumping is good or bad for your Maltipoo.

Then we explain how to build a jump-proof fence for your Maltipoo and how to prevent your Maltipoo from jumping over your fence.

Finally, we will also give you tips on how to teach your Maltipoo to jump. And we go into how to teach your Maltipoo not to jump.

Can Maltipoos Jump?

In principle, Maltipoos can jump. However, it differs greatly from Maltipoo to Maltipoo whether they jump or not.

There are reports of Maltipoo owners who have more than one Maltipoo. One Maltipoo likes to jump incredibly much, while the other Maltipoo does not jump at all.

So it very much depends on their personality and physical conditions whether Maltipoos will jump or not. The training of your Maltipoo also plays a big role. If you teach him from the beginning not to jump, he will most likely not do it later on.

And it is actually better for your Maltipoo if he does not jump. Maltipoos are not made to jump. Many Maltipoos suffer from knee problems, and extensive jumping can exacerbate these problems.

How High Can Maltipoos Jump?

As mentioned earlier, there are Maltipoo dogs who like to jump and other Maltipoo dogs who do not jump at all. Maltipoos are just as different when it comes to the maximum height of their jumps.

Some Maltipoos have an incredible jumping ability. They manage to jump up to 4 ft high. There are Maltipoo that can jump on the countertop in the kitchen.

So it always depends on your Maltipoo. Some love to jump, and some don’t. Some can make amazing heights, others only small jumps.

You can of course train your Maltipoo to learn to jump. But this is not recommended. It is better if you teach him not to jump. We will come to the training approach to stop him from jumping later.

Why Do Maltipoos Jump?

There are several reasons why a Maltipoo might jump. The most obvious reason is that he wants to go somewhere.

Maybe you are just lying comfortably on the couch watching TV. So it’s understandable that your Maltipoo would want to keep you company. So he might get the idea to jump on the couch with you.

Another reason is that your Maltipoo needs attention. Maltipoos are quite affectionate dogs that want to interact a lot with their owner. If he feels the need for attention, he might jump to get your attention.

Maltipoos not only need attention, but they also don’t like to be bored. If your Maltipoo is not challenged enough mentally and physically, he can quickly become bored. He might even get the idea to jump over your fence. Maybe there is something interesting to discover on the other side.

Even if your Maltipoo is excited, he may jump. If you come home after a long absence, this is a great and joyful event for your Maltipoo. He may then jump up at you out of sheer joy and excitement.

Also, if your Maltipoo is hungry and wants something to eat, he may jump up on you. Maltipoos are sometimes picky about food, but when they are hungry, this can happen.

Are Maltipoos Afraid of Height?

While not all Maltipoos enjoy jumping, they usually have little to no fear of heights. These cute little dogs are very brave fellows. That’s why they are even good as watchdogs, even if you really don’t think they are.

Most Maltipoos don’t mind being at a higher altitude. Your Maltipoo will not get scared if you pick him up and carry him in your arms. It may be more likely that he will not want to go back down.

Of course, the fact that Maltipoos are not afraid of heights does not help if your Maltipoo is one of the jumpers in this breed. Mere fear of heights will not stop him from jumping.

Is Jumping Bad for My Maltipoo?

Maltipoos are actually relatively healthy dogs with few typical health issues. However, they do have one typical health issue that is not conducive to jumping.

Many Maltipoos suffer from the luxating patella (LP). This is an issue where the patella pops out of the knee and shifts.

This issue is considered a congenital hereditary condition in Maltipoos. However, it can also be caused or exacerbated by injury or trauma.

If you have knee issues yourself or know someone with knee issues, you know that hard impacts on the knee are painful. And there are always hard impacts on the knee when jumping. Even though dogs can land more gently than humans with their soft paws, jumps are still a strain on the knee.

Therefore, you should not encourage your Maltipoo to jump. It is best to teach him not to jump when he is still a puppy. In the long run, this is the best for his knees.

How to Keep Your Maltipoo from Jumping Over the Fence

Although it is unlikely that your Maltipoo will jump your fence and run away, it is better to actively prevent this from happening. There are a few things you can do to safely stop your Maltipoo from doing this.

  • Build a 5 to 6 ft high fence: Your Maltipoo will not be able to climb a fence of this height. If you only have a small fence of up to 4 ft, you can think about raising it. But this also depends on how jumpy your Maltipoo is.
  • Keep your Maltipoo entertained: A Maltipoo needs a lot of attention. When bored, they can get silly ideas like jumping over your fence. The most important thing is to keep your Maltipoo mentally and physically exercised. Then he will be content and will not have such ideas.
  • Monitor your Maltipoo: If you have your Maltipoo in your field of vision while he is outside, he is less likely to try to jump the fence. He will also have the opportunity to engage with you, which he prefers.
  • Train your Maltipoo: You should teach your Maltipoo not to jump. This is not only important so he can’t escape over the fence. It is much more important because jumping is not healthy for the Maltipoo. He should not jump so much for his own good.

How to Teach Your Maltipoo Not to Jump

If you have the problem that your Maltipoo jumps at you, your family members, or your visitors, you can train him away from this behavior. Try the following steps to teach your Maltipoo not to jump on people:

  • Position a family member or friend about 6 ft away from you with your Maltipoo on a short leash.
  • Approach slowly and carefully with a few treats in hand. Make sure your Maltipoo knows you have treats with you.
  • If your Maltipoo jumps on you, take a step back and say “No!” calmly but firmly.
  • If you can approach him without him jumping on you, give him a treat, praise him, and give him a few cuddles.
  • After a while, you should stop giving him treats and just reward him with attention. Otherwise, he will learn that he always gets treats for this good behavior.
  • Train this way until your Maltipoo understands and internalizes the behavior. It must become a habit for him not to jump at anyone.

Conclusion: How High Can Maltipoos Jump?

Maltipoos can jump, but not every Maltipoo does. As far as jumping is concerned, different Maltipoos have very different dispositions.

Even the Maltipoos that jump can jump different heights. Some can only manage 2 ft, while other Maltipoos can jump as high as 4 ft.

However, you should not encourage jumping in your Maltipoo. It does not do them any good. Maltipoos often have problems with their knees. Jumping can exacerbate these problems.

However, there are ways you can train your Maltipoo to stop jumping. It is best to train this with him when he is a puppy so he learns it early for a healthier life.